Savannah Lodge

Savannah Lodge is a family resource centre initially set up in 2017. Jasmine gardens private limited - an offshoot provides children's homes.

Since being established, the service has gone from strength to strength and continues to develop due to the reputation and quality of the service delivered. We have experienced managers with extensive knowledge and experience of working within children and adult services.

This has resulted in Savannah Lodge growing from its roots as a family assessment centre to now offering children in care services, outreach parenting support packages and a contact centre. 

Our passionate and experienced staff team ensures that we continue delivering high quality support for families and a brighter future for children.

Lina Chirandura 

Company Director

Our Team

Cheryl Kane


Siobhan Munnelly


Patrick McCabe


David Chedgey

Registered Manager

David is Level 5 qualified and he began working professionally in the care sector in 1993. He has worked with children and adults in a variety of services both in the UK and abroad helping to develop and manage residential provisions for various types of service user ranging from two to 99. David has experience with a wide range of health needs and conditions including ASD, developmental trauma and severe challenging behaviours. David is able to work with any unplanned challenges.

Talent Chirandure

 Team Manager / Responsible Individual

Talent is an experienced and qualified social worker within children’s services. Her key strengths are working with difficult to engage young people and parents who are going through family court proceedings cases, child protection or in need of early intervention.  

Donna Kessler

Principal Social Worker

Donna is an experienced and qualified Social Worker. Donna has been working in Children Services for several years and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in court proceedings, child protection and early intervention. Her strength is in motivational engagement with parents and strength-based practice.


Iuliana Salavestru

Registered Manager

Iuliana is Level 5 qualified. She has been working in health and social care sector for many years and is a qualified paediatric nurse. Iuliana is a highly motivated individual, applying her leadership, decision-making and problem-solving skills to the role of registered manager. Her strength is empowerment and the ability to effectively deal with challenging behaviours.

More Services opening soon

Others services are being developed and information will follow soon.