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Savannah Lodge (parenting and family services) and Jasmine Gardens (residential children’s services) accept referrals from a wide range of sources. On admission of any child or family, a planning meeting is held as soon as possible, often on the first day, which the local authority social worker attends.

Referrals are taken from local authorities, social services, CAFCASS, family law professionals, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, other mental health professionals, general practitioners, and individuals or their families.

Referrals are taken from, mental health professionals, general practitioners and social services.

Assessments and interventions for care proceedings will usually require a viability assessment to be carried out. The viability assessment is an opportunity for our multi-disciplinary team to provide an initial assessment of the needs of the family and make recommendations for the structure of the assessment or intervention. For individual adult and child assessments or interventions, an initial assessment would form part of the first meeting with a member of our multi-disciplinary team. In the residential homes staff would arrange to visit the home or placement to meet key people and, ideally, the child to conduct the initial assessment.