Savannah Lodge

Working together to building the foundations of the future

Savannah Lodge is a Family Resource Service offering parenting assessments by a registered social worker in a manner consistent with guidance in Working Together to Safeguard Children (DFE, 2015).

We provide an independent service which offers a robust, far and evidence-based assessments in respect of children and their families. At Savannah Lodge the family usually live at the centre fully of the time. Under the branch of Jasmine Gardens Private Ltd. we also provide children’s homes.

Why Choose Us?

We are small and know everyone in our services by name; we care about outcomes for our families and children and we are passionate about improving lives for people.

We believe that early intervention is the key to success! 

The assessments we provide

  • Parenting assessments (residential and/or community based)
  • Court assessments
    Viability assessments
  • Reunification with birth family
  • Pre-birth and new parent assessments
  • Psychological assessment

Our Services

About Us

  • Growth and Development
  • To continue to develop our support packages, early intervention programmes, children’s homes and crisis centre.
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