Savannah Lodge

Crisis Support and Outreach Intervention

Parenting and Crisis Support

Home based parenting, behaviour management and crisis support to children and families. A flexible and tailored approach to each family, assisting parents and children to recognise any specific challenging, harmful or risk behaviours and recognising the impact this can have on the family.

Community Based Assessment and Outreach package

Additional support and guidance for families as they return to the community following a residential assessment, bespoke packages will be arranged to meet the needs of the family and can include: –

  1. Freedom Programme
  2. Parenting skills using
  3. Triple P and PAMs tools
  4. Child Protection
  5. Healthy relationships
  6. Cooking and other life skills
  7. Budgeting and accessing benefits
  8. Reunification Package

Family support workers and social workers support the local authority to work with looked after children or children in pre-care proceedings and their families to support them in their journey to return home.